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Classified advert 

To place a classified advert in the monthly magazine "The London Services", please type your message starting with keyword LSAD followed by the category number and send it to 81616 e.g.

LSAD 03 Telesales people needed. £285pw. Good personality essential! Phone Shirley 0201234567.

You will be charged £5 per advert after you received a confirmation reply via sms.

Message is limited to 160 characters including spacing in between characters. Additional characters or messages without keyword will not be published.


01  Looking for a flat/house
02  Rent a flat/house
03  Job
04  Looking for a job
05  Stuff wanted
06  Stuff for sale
07  Auto-moto
08  Friendship
09  Other

Advert is charged at £5 per sms plus your standard text charge. We will publish your advert in the next available issue coming out. Advertisement which involves gambling or can be regarded as violent or sexual in nature will not be published. Please be cautious when meeting strangers and in giving out contact details for publishing on the Friendship section (category 08). Advertisers must be at least 18 year old and above to place an advert in any of our media.

Classified advertisements taken from this website, advertising any services or trades activity, will be not printed.

This type of advertisement can be printed using options 3 and 4, or choosing the modular advertisement.

For any enquiries in regards to your advert, please write to us at theindependent@wp.pl